Dubai 2016

My family top three destination for this year was either:




So I was like what about we go to Dubai?

It was a place my mother always wanted to go to but my father was a little hesitant. But three out of one won the vote so I started to do the research and suggested that Dubai would be the best place to go. 

I put my thinking cab and started to read every comment and advice that others have said when they went  over there. The hotel to go, places to eat, and the best attractions this country offer. As well as finding out if this country was safe or not. 

~Just to give you a heads up; this was one of the trips that I planned percisely. I found everything and we ended up doing something everyday. But more about that later on~

I found the flight and hotel relatively cheap through [a site I go for everything] We paid 1585$ per person and flew out of JFK on April 20th 2016 until April 27th 2016 with one stop. 

We flew out of JFk through Delta and got upgraded to Comfort Plus. If you don’t know about this class they basically give you extra leg room, little kit that has an eye mask, toothbrush and tooth paste, as well as ear plugs. Pretty cool. The meal was ok….

[This right here was the dinner meal they offer us. Chicken with mash potatoes and gravy, salad, cheese, crackers, and a cinnamon brownie with a choice of drink]

8 hours later We’ve arrived in Amsterdam with 5 hours to spare until our next flight to Dubai. Although they claimed its Comfort Plus it wasn’t all so comfortable but hey you you get what you pay for .

Let me state that Amsterdam-Schipol Airport is super huge. You’ll burn the meal you ate while looking for your gate number. With five hours to spare  we were stopped by a lot of different souvenir shops, restaurants, coffee shops, and bars. Food here were quite pricy but what airport isn’t. 

Quick tip: Make sure you  sample their  goat cheese and their famous stroopwafels. They were both amazing😍 I honestly couldn’t stop eating them. 


Our flight was being called and realized that heading to Dubai flying with KLM my family and I got upgraded to Business Class and it was the best experience ever. Once you enter your greeted with a glass of champagne and once your settled they issue you a cute toiletry bag with tooth brush, toothpaste, eye mask, socks, chapstick, and ear plugs. 


My sister and I enjoying  KLM business class experience. 

These were some of the stuff they offered us in Business class. The food were exquisite and didn’t want to stop eating although I was already getting full.

After countless movies, music and food we finally arrived at Dubai at 12 in the morning. We were exhausted but super excited to be in a place that everyone has spoken so highly about. 

Quick Tip: Let me just tell you that once you get into immigration you have to be very patient because the lines are really long.

Waiting on a line with no AC and exhausted didn’t make the experience any fun but their was nothing we could do about.

The airport is really disorganized cause we couldn’t find our bags once we pass immigration. We were nervous but relieved when we found it. Don’t get a shuttle from your hotel. Outside the airport theres a lot of cabs that would take you to your hotel for less than what your hotel is going to charge you. We wasted more time looking for our shuttle.  

And with that we grabbed any cab and straight to the hotel we went 🙂 

[My next post I’ll give you reviews for the hotel we chose and all of the activities we did.] 


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