Best Activities in Dubai


Although we got to the hotel really late we woke extremely early to start exploring. The adrenaline in me didn’t let me sleep and was relatively shock and couldn’t believe that I was in this highly talked country that so many people mention.

In this post I would give you the inside scoop and all of the tips for the best activities to do in this country. Some of these activities were bought on Viator.

1.) Dubai Aquarium

2.) Dubai Desert

3.) Half Day Tour of Dubai



Quick Tip: The Dubai Mall aquarium only accepts dirham (AED money) and credit cards. So you could exchange your money downstairs with no hassle. As of Aug 2016 one USD is 3.67 dirham. Most of the stuff are the same price as USD so don’t know why people complain and say that Dubai is expensive.

Dubai Aquarium located inside Dubai Mall is one of the places you must go to! It’s an underwater tunnel with sharks and huge rays. They have different prices for their packages. We decided to get the Researcher Package which offered the entrance fee, Aquarium Tunnel, Underwater Zoo, Behind the Scene Tour and the Underwater Observatory. It cost us 100 AED which is 28 USD. Its such an amazing experience going under the tunnel and just be mesmerized with all the fishes, stingrays and sharks.

We walked around the mall for a bit got some groceries and headed out to the hotel to the first planned activity: Dubai Desert 4×4 Safari. The packaged which I bought through Viator offered the Quad ride, Camel Ride, BBQ dinner and Belly Dancing. The experience was top notch. I really recommend everyone to do this activity. They pick you up from your hotel and take you to the desert where they do a quad ride and you take a picture with all the sand. After all that they take you to where you meet up with a lot of people and they have different activities. We rode the Camel and in all honesty wasn’t my favorite because I felt like I was going to fall and I got hurt with another camel. Everyone has a different experience with the ride. My family loved it.

My lovely parents on the camel

You could dress up with their traditional outfits and snap a picture with it, get henna, they have a souvenir shop (expensive tho you could get everything cheaper somewhere else), a section that has coffee and dates, a section where you could smoke hookah, drinks section, and an area where they have your typical middle eastern food. The best part of the evening is the traditional dance and the belly dancer; pure awesomeness.

On our second day in Dubai we took a half day tour of Dubai. They pick you up early and you start your day with some very educational information about Dubai. They take you to the Dubai Museum located in Old Dubai, get on a boat and check out the creek which from their you go to the Spice Market and the Gold Souk.

Quick Tip: The market is very crowded and a lot of people are trying to sell you merchandise. Be careful and always check your surrounding. Try to bargain with everything you want to buy.  Trust me on this one. My mom bought 10 scarves and got them each for 5 diahram and the guy was very nice and offered her one for free. Also if you run out of AED money a block away there’s a money exchange place and they would gladly change it for you. 



Our tour guide (which I wish I remembered his name) was very funny and informative and really liked  everyone in his tour ; he extended his day and took us to see Palm Jumeriah and Burj Al Arab. It was very beautiful. We took pictures and he asked anyone if they wanted to stop at the Emirates Mall we gladly accepted the offer and went and saw the famous Ski Resort. We couldn’t do the activities in their because we weren’t wearing the appropriate attire but from the outside it looked pretty fun.

My family and I with the background of the Ski Resort 

On my next post I would talk about Burj Khalifa and the Day Tour of Abu Dhabi. Didn’t want to bore you all with this long post. So I’ve decided to create another blog in continuation to this one.


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