Dubai’s Activities Continuation…

Part Two of my top selections of activities to consider while your in Dubai. Like I said before I’ve used to book all of my activities and no I’m not getting paid to include their website. I just feel like sharing all of my information with each and everyone of you. 🙂

In this post I’m going to talk about:

1.)Dhow Dinner Cruise

2.)Abu Dhabi

3.) Burj Khalifa. 

Accommodating everyone is a hassle so before heading out to the Dhow Dinner Cruise my family and I decided to wake up early, eat breakfast and go straight to the beach. Although it wasn’t hot or sunny and we couldn’t tan like we love to do we just relax and enjoy the view of Burj Arab.

[Quick Tip: The beach by Burj Arab is a public beach and everyone is allowed accessed to it. The little food stand by the bathroom is a lil pricey and they sell alright food. Don’t forget your camera either ;)]

The Dhow Dinner Cruise is held in the Dubai Creek overseeing the neighborhood of Deira in the water. It’s a romantic place to go to and its great for family. The duration of the cruise takes approximately two hours. Once you enter the Dhow you are immediately offered a wet towel to clean your hands and some coffee and dates which I honestly loved. While entering your escorted to your table on the roof top of the Dhow and your automatically transported to the beauty of the night. The package includes food, water, soda and desserts. You could purchase wine, beer or liquor but not sure of the extra cost. While your waiting for everyone to board onto the Dhow they have ladies doing hennas and people snapping pictures.

[Quick Tip: Ladies fyi don’t get tricked into thinking that the Henna’s are free. They charge you for it. If you don’t have cash and you really want it make sure you have your credit card ready cause the ladies doing the hennas would grab you on the end of the cruise to pay them. ] 

All of the food offered were Emirati and International cuisine and I must say it was all very delicious. I wish I could remember all of the dishes I ate but sadly i can’t. Once you finish eating they bring out a performer and he starts to dance the traditional Emirati dance.


Abu Dhabi the capital of United Arab Emirates and it’s the second most popular place to visit. Our tour started when they picked us up from the hotel and it took like three hours to go to our first location which was the Ferrari Roller Coaster park. Although the tour didn’t include entrance to the theme park we took pictures of all of the different Ferrari’s they had and just enjoyed the beauty. After staying here for 30 minutes our next stop was  the Museum of Carpet. They had upscale carpets that are  handmade with gold but they are super super expensive. After leaving here, we headed to THE MOST BEAUTIFUL MOSQUE OF THE WORLD. Especially when the tour guide was repeating it thirty thousand times. It got quite annoying but I must say that I was blown away.

The Most Beautiful Mosque In the World ❤ 


Before entering the Mosque every women has to be covered up from head to toe. No options about it. The tour guide offers you their traditional dress and you have to wear it because if you don’t they wouldn’t give you access to see inside. Cause I love everything about a culture and their guidelines I always tend to follow them to show my Respect to the people and the country. This mosque is magical and beautiful I can’t emphasize how much I enjoy their architecture. This is a MUST do if you ever take a day trip to Abu Dhabi.


The same day we were leaving we decided to head out to our last family activity of Dubai. We couldn’t leave Dubai and not go to the worlds tallest building ever made. Located inside Dubai Mall  you get to go inside and see the observation deck from all the way to the top of 124th floor. The cost varies depending on the time you arrive or how late or early you want to go; approximately 125 AED – 200 AED . Once you go all the way to the 124th floor you get to see Dubai in full with every building and landscapes they have ever build. I swear I’ve fallen in love with this country.


Dubai has officially been crossed out from my Bucket List ✅

Dubai, I’ll see you in 5 years when the worlds largest roller coaster theme park opens. I can’t wait 🙂


Kat ❤ 





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