NOLA Food Escape

“You have to taste a culture to understand it.” -Deborah Cater

-Po boys



-Bread Pudding

Omg I’m absolutely having New Orleans food withdrawal

These are all of the places we went to in no particular order …

(Most of them were recommended and researched. The other times we just stepped foot in the place and never looked up reviews. Thanks Foursquare for your great selections 😀

1.) Commerce Restaurant

300 Camp St $

Once you enter this restaurant you feel the wonderful welcoming energy that the ladies behind the counter show you. We got recommended the Oysters Po- Boys and their rice and beans with sausage. First time trying both these things I was in love and I wanted to continue my voyage.


2.) Cafe Du Monde

800 Decatur Street ( At the French Market) $

Open 24 hours and this is the original location


Their menu is very straight forward. They are highly known for their beignets and once you take a bite your transported into sugar heaven. Pair it off with their famous Chicory Coffee hot or cold. I had it twice while I was here. Just to let you know its best for you to avoid wearing black because the sugar would definitely get on you.


3.) Acme Oyster House

724 Iberville St (between Bourbon and Royal Street) $$

Acme Oyster House was hands down one of my favorite restaurant. They are notably  recognized  for their oysters. But please don’t leave this place without trying their chargrilled oysters, gumbo and bread pudding. I’m telling you, you would NOT be disappointed. Friendly waiters and awesome food why not come to this place.

[Just a quick tip: It gets pretty pack and there is always a line out the door so be patient. You would not leave out of this place disappointed trust me.] 


4.) Mother’s Restaurant 

401 Poydras St (at Tchoupitoulas Street ) $$

Oh Mother’s, I wanted to like you but it was just alright. This was one of the restaurants that I really wanted to go to since it got a lot of rave on Foursquare.  Loved their Bake Ham! My least favorite was the grits and the crawfish etouffe . It lacked in taste and was very watered down. If I would have known I would have ordered something that they are famous for and thats the Po-boy. This would give me a reason to return to this place and give it another chance.

5.) Sucrė

3025 Magazine Street $


It took a long walk from the French Quarter to Garden District to get to the first ever Sucre. It’s a cute coffee shop on Magazine Street with different shops surrounding it. Macaroons are their speciality but they have other things in their shops such as pastries, coffee and gelato that you could indulge in. It’s a little pricey so you might want to stick to just macaroons @ 3$ each. I really liked the salted caramel.

5.) Emeril’s 

800 Tchoupitoulas Street $$$

You can’t come to New Orleans and not go to one of Food Network chef; Emeril Lagassie restaurant. My boyfriend and I decided to go to one of his restaurant for our four year anniversary called Emeril. The atmosphere is mostly formal and this place is a tad expensive. The food was ok! I enjoyed a lot the breads, homemade sausages with collard greens and the pork chops. The escargot had a weird taste and the wild flower honey cheesecake had a different texture to what I’m usually used to eating in a cheesecake.


6.) Laurie’s Candies ( Oldest Candy Store) 

331 Chartres Street $

img_0158Pralines, Praline, Pralines are hand made to perfection. Due to a pecan allergy couldn’t try it but my boyfriend did and he said it was amazing! (If you ever go in here for the taste bud food tour mention it and you’ll get 10% off your purchase. Hey its something.) They have tons of samples in their shop so don’t be afraid to go inside the shop and try it before buying it.

6.) Cochon Butcher

930 Tchoupitoulas Street $S

Cochon Butcher is that free spirit casual atmosphere place that is just great to hang out and enjoy a couple of beer. We didn’t go to Cochon next door because we weren’t dress formal but we were happy we ended in this place. We had the boudin, cuban sandwich, pull pork sandwich, mac and cheese  as well as the Le Pig Mac. Everything was AMAZING!!! The staff are all humble and down to earth and super friendly.

[Quick Tip: If you ever want to try something from their butcher section don’t mind in asking. They would gladly offer you a small sample ] 

7.) The Gumbo Shop 

630 Saint Peters Street  $$

If you don’t like Okra or the constancy of Okra don’t come here! We didn’t know after we order both a bowl of gumbo and noticed that we didn’t like it cause of the taste of the okra which over powdered the gumbo. Mind you it said it on the menu! But don’t get me wrong its not a bad place to come. I really liked to my surprise the alligator sausage and the bread pudding.

8.) The Ruby Slipper 

200 Magazine Street (at Common Street) $$

Voted Best Brunch Place in my opinion! Long wait of course but I didn’t mind because I heard great reviews about this place from my own cousin that came to NOLA. They are known for their Egg Benedict and the mimosa. The Egg Cochon and the Chicken St Charles both shown in this picture were out of this world. These have been one of the biggest biscuit I’ve ever seen. It holds all of the ingredients fantastically and the balance of the pork and chicken compliments the dish very well. Alil pricey but your on vacation splurge just a few.

9.) Country Flame 

620 Iberville Street $

We ended in this location because the ACME had a very very long line and we didn’t want to wait. Country Flame is a Spanish fusion location offering Cuban and Mexican cuisine. I got the chicken fajita and the yuca fries with mojo sauce. It was really good but i didn’t enjoy the Margarita; lack flavor and didn’t have a lot of alcohol. Although this location wasn’t rated good in foursquare i found that it was not a bad place after all.



Its hard to tackle every restaurant in such a short period  of time. In the near future I would make sure to come back to this foodie state.

Until Next Time NOLA ✅

Love, Kat


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