Best Xmas Gift: Cookies!!

I apologize in advance for not writing as often as I should but I have a great excuse. I’ve tried to find some sort of hobby to fight the boredom I tend to get almost all the time.  This week I’ve decided to try baking for a change and it was time consuming and very exhausting. But in all honesty I enjoyed it. LIKE ALOT!

It’s something about reading the recipe thoroughly, gathering all your ingredients, mixing them together and turning on the stand mixer so it could work its magic. Baking has helped me fight my boredom and has helped me block out all of the negative thoughts.

feels so much like yoga. 


Looking constantly at Pinterest for great ideas I came to a conclusion that cookies made  the best Christmas gift. I mean who doesn’t love cookies. With that in mind I decided on making gingerbread cookies and sugar cutout cookies. (For recipes just click on the links. Thank you so much for your lovely recipes.)

Lets just say that I’m very proud of myself and with what  I decided to make. It was at times a bit of a challenge.  I have carpal tunnel and my hands were starting to hurt; but I took my sweet time and made them anyways. I made it all with love and hope the ones i give them to like them. I think i did a great job since it was my first time making them. 🙂


Gingerbread Cookies

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