Next Family Trip Is…

After a long time of planning and checking every deal possible my family and I have decided that 2017 new family vacation is none other than…


I absolutely can’t wait for this experience. Everyone that has been to Thailand can’t stop talking about it so I’m excited to venture out and experience everything Thailand has to offer. I really enjoy Thai food so this would be an awesome destination to indulge in the culture and their food.

The places I’m going to in April 2017 are Bangkok, River Kwai, Ayutthaya, and Pattaya. We didn’t plan on going to Phuket but that would be another trip that I would plan out in the near future.

We are flying out of JFK on Air China which I’m not sure how good their services are and doing a one stop at Beijing.

Has anyone flown out from Air China?

Are their services any good?

What about their meals; are they any good?

I’ll enclose my itinerary on my next post

But just a quick question… If anyone has gone out to Thailand and visited the places that I’ve mentioned can you kindly tell me any tips and thing I should know before heading out there? As well as telling me the best places to eat. I’m open for any feedback 🙂


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